Echo & Mila vetting!

Echo and Mila are at the vet for their spays!! Mila would have been spayed a lot sooner only we had to wait for her heat cycle to complete. No sooner was she originally scheduled, she went into heat. Boo! Well, now it’ll be done!

What little troopers!! Echo is also having a few teeth extracted and a lump removed. The girls are in great hands as our vet is just awesome!

Once all is done Echo will be headed to her new adoptive family. What a wonderful, retired couple to spoil and smother her with love and attention. We’ve become quite attached since we have been fostering her. She is one ball of love, happiness and pure joy. The true joys of fostering and we love every minute – good and difficult – of Rescue.

Will post an update on the girls progress tomorrow!!


Mila is home and resting comfortably! Surgery was a success and our vet is amazing!

Echo is spending one more night just to ensure all is okay. She had a few teeth extracted, a dental cleaning, a lump removal and a spay! Our little trooper did fine and I am off to pick her up at 9am tomorrow. I get to spend a few hours with her before she is off to settle into her forever home. I’ll cry (no surprise) as she has left a permanent paw print on my heart, that’s for certain.


Annie & Heidi

Annie and Heidi were brought to our attention by another AMAZING rescue group. They needed a Rescue to commit to them in order to be rescued from a puppy mill in Ohio. Well, we jumped on the opportunity to help and stepped up and they are now safely in our care!

We got them spayed, a dental done on each Girlie and fully vaccinated. They are healthy and LOVING experiencing life outside of a mill.

Both girls adore people and kids as their spirits are not broken. Annie is loving running around in the back yard experiencing the country air and soft grass. Heidi is spending a lot of time with some special people and bringing joy while visiting them. Heidi’s foster family are nothing less than amazing – showing her what her life now is and what should be for all doggies!

After being in care for almost 1 week and being assessed, they are now posted as available for adoption!

We feel truly blessed to be a integral part in these special girls’ lives.




This is my first time blogging!

Here you will be able to follow our Journey and most especially the little ones that we have in care’s special journey!

Well, after almost a year off due to health reasons, We are back to making a positive difference in these little guys’ precious and gentle lives and souls.

As of today, we have Annie, Heidi and Echo in care. Echo is pending adoption!

We have so much to look forward to and can’t wait to share it with you!

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Hugs to all of you!
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Canadian Cocker Spaniel Rescue